Steam Power Solutions

EMCOR Services New York/New Jersey, Inc. is seeking interested and qualified Con Edison Steam customers to participate in the Steam Power Challenge in New York City.

The program is testing back-pressure turbine technology that harnesses steam energy currently going unused in Con Edison Steam buildings—providing clients with a sustainable and cost-effective source of additional power.

Convert Wasted Steam Energy into Electric Power

The system operates in parallel with the building's steam system by using a turbine to convert steam energy otherwise dissipated when reducing valve pressure into usable electric power. The electricity generated by the turbine is fed directly back into the building's power panel with utility-approved protective relays.

The system is intended to develop 75 to 80 kilowatts of power and connect to the electric grid but can also be setup for grid-independent operation at an additional cost.

The Steam Power Challenge is a unique opportunity to incorporate a sustainable power source into your building while reducing the electricity you purchase and overall demand on the grid.

Reach out today to learn how you can take advantage of this steam power solution.