Secaucus, NJ

Eileen Fisher Warehouse

To significantly lower the temperature during hot summer months, we installed an innovative breeze cooling system.

Close up view of the airfoil fans installed at the Eileen Fisher Warehouse

Value Delivered

As a cost-effective solution to help this client improve employee comfort, morale, and productivity; EMCOR Services New York/New Jersey, Inc. (ES NY/NJ) provided an innovative cooling alternative.

Compared to installing a warehouse air-conditioning system, which would have cost an estimated $500,000 and approximately $35,000 a year to operate, our solution priced out at just $110,000 with an estimated annual operating cost of $5,000.

Leveraging a concept known as “breeze cooling,” we installed large, airfoil fans above the warehouse's high-traffic areas that deliver a strong downdraft, helping to lower the perceived temperature as much as 10 degrees.

By completing the project on a very tight schedule, we enabled the client to avoid another summer of discomfort. As a value-added service, we performed follow-up commissioning to adjust the system and help optimize their investment.

Client Objectives

The client needed an air cooling solution to improve employee comfort in a warehouse prone to very high summer temperatures.


ES NY/NJ installed a “breeze cooling” solution that included large, airfoil fans with 18-foot-diameter blades above the warehouse's high-traffic areas.

The fans deliver 1.1-million cubic feet of airflow per minute to help the warehouse feel significantly cooler during hot summer months.

Six months after installation, we performed seasonal mechanical commissioning.

Client Background

Eileen Fisher, Inc. is a privately-owned women's apparel design company.