Hotel Fan Coil Replacement

EMCOR Services New York/New Jersey, Inc. has partnered with an environmental services firm to offer a specially designed fan coil unit for faster, minimally-invasive hotel replacement projects.

Our innovative fan coil solution can help improve guest comfort and lower energy costs without the need for a major HVAC renovation.

Cutting-Edge Modular Fan Coil Technology

Our hotel fan coil replacements allow a high-rise unit to be isolated and replaced without affecting units in neighboring rooms. We install the model within an existing unit that has had its internal components removed and use a replacement wall panel to cover the rough opening, eliminating the need for finish work.

Thanks to this ground-breaking design, the replacement process is so fast that your guest rooms can be available in as little as a few hours. Plus, this process allows hotels to install state-of-the-art fan coils with ease, which can help improve efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ).

Our hotel fan coil solution:

  • Eliminates the need to shutdown entire floors
  • Reduces disturbances to surrounding walls and finishes
  • Minimizes waste by using existing materials
  • Cuts back on labor costs
  • Increases accessibility of rooms
  • Is compatible with most existing high-rise fan coils
  • Utilizes the latest in energy saving and IAQ technologies