Remote Monitoring

Two men reviewing a custom HVAC remote monitoring systemEMCOR Services New York/New Jersey, Inc. offers an affordable, web-based remote monitoring solution for HVAC and refrigeration systems. The monitoring solution continuously scans equipment, notifying our service team of any performance issues.

Remote monitoring helps us predict system problems before they become major failures, reducing energy waste and allowing for more responsive, effective maintenance.

How Our Remote Monitoring Solution Works

Our monitor is pre-assembled with a suite of temperature and humidity controls that are specially customized for HVAC and refrigeration equipment. The monitor evaluates the internal operations of your systems, feeding reports to our data center that are accessible to clients via a web portal.

Once installed and activated, we are able to dependably monitor your system for emergencies 24/7/365 and respond accordingly. Our response process has three phases:

  • Detect: When the monitor detects any operation outside of pre-set standards, a report is created and we are alerted.
  • Diagnose: Using the report, we are able locate the problem equipment and diagnose the issue.
  • Determine: After diagnosis, we’ll determine whether equipment requires immediate attention or a routine service call, using a pre-determined course of action customized to client needs.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring:

  • Avoid unexpected equipment failure
  • Reduce labor costs from unnecessary service calls
  • Increase productivity of service personnel
  • Limit disruptions to regular business operations
  • Improve the quality of maintenance programs
  • Reduce energy costs by catching undetected inefficiencies
  • Increase peace of mind