Energy Efficiency
Follow this Simple Roadmap
to Energy Savings.
When it comes to identifying energy savings, you've probably heard that you need to involve various “experts” or start with a formal audit or study. While you may elect to do those things at some point, you can actually begin your path to savings right now—by following our simple, four step, energy-saving roadmap, where saving 10-20% is often the outcome.
Step 1
Understand your energy costs and benchmark your performance.
Step 2
Be certain your HVAC systems are properly scheduled based on building occupancy.
Step 3
Ensure your lighting systems are scheduled based on needs and building occupancy.
Step 4
(and begin to manage) plug loads.
Energy Costs in a Typical Office Building (% approximate)
Lighting 25% to 35% | Plug Loads 5% to 15% | Other | HVAC 40% to 50%
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