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EMCOR is serious about being "green" and we are committed to saving energy and reducing energy costs for our clients.

Did you know?
The "correct" values for your building's size, occupant count, hours of occupancy, or other factors, could change depending on the method or tool you use.


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You can't manage what you don't measure or track.

For this reason, benchmarking is the universal first step (and most important ongoing activity) when actively managing a building’s energy reduction.

Why Benchmark First?

It's the first indication of a building's potential for energy cost reduction

It provides a baseline to assess the impact of your current and future activities

It enables you to prioritize your efforts

The most widely utilized tool for benchmarking is the EPA's Energy Star (aka Energy Star). However, it isn't the only one, nor is it necessarily the best "fit" - depending on your building.

Consider having your current service provider include benchmarking management as part of their ongoing services.


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