EMCOR is serious about being "green" and we are committed to saving energy and reducing energy costs for our clients. This is one in a series of ongoing communications that feature tips you can do to make your facilities more "green" and energy efficient. Many of these suggested examples can be executed for little-to-no cost—they are small measures that can make a big impact.


Take advantage of energy rebates and incentives. Funding for your project could be 50% or more...


Most utility companies offer financial incentives for projects that reduce energy use. These programs may vary but are fundamentally the same:


1.  Prescriptive rebate programs are for "typical" projects like equipment replacements, lighting retrofits, programmable thermostats, and VFDs.


2.  Custom rebate programs are available for energy saving measures that do not fit into a "prescriptive" rebate category and often require assistance from an energy professional.


3.  Program rebates that target specific opportunities (audit, retrocommissioning, benchmarking, enhanced maintenance) or markets (data centers, hospitals, municipal buildings, new construction).


Begin taking advantage of available incentives by calling your local utility company or speaking with your trusted advisor.


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