EMCOR is serious about being "green" and we are committed to saving energy and reducing energy costs for our clients. We will be sending you ongoing communications that include examples of things you can do to help make your facilities more "green" and more energy efficient. Most of these suggested examples can be executed for little-to-no cost ––they are small measures that can make a big impact.


Be mindful of the temperatures–
Make adjustments to ensure you are providing the "right" heating and
cooling for your building.

You can save upwards of 10% of your building's annual energy cost simply by not overconditioning the building.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

Adjust the temperature set points each season. Tenants have different levels of comfort based on the outside temperatures, and the clothing they wear.

When buildings are unoccupied (nights, holidays, and weekends), raise the thermostat by 10-15 degrees in the cooling season, and lower it 10-15 degrees in the heating season.

Calibrate your thermostats with a handheld digital thermostat, to ensure the output is accurate.

Physically walk through the building and make adjustments based on occupant comfort.



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