Go Green
Now is the time to evaluate your current HVAC maintenance program to identify viable enhancements that will help you enter into the next season with confidence.
Here are 4 steps to assess if your existing maintenance program is the right fit for your business:
Identify and list the equipment in your current maintenance program. Review this list with your service provider to be sure everything is being covered.
Identify each maintenance task that is currently provided for each piece of equipment. Remember, more resources should be applied to major equipment, but all equipment should be serviced/maintained at least once per year.
Make a schedule of all dates your service provider will visit you, and be sure to mark any upcoming appointments. Remember: cooling and heating inspections are due prior to the start of the respective season, and four visits per year is common.
Request and inquire about services targeted to enhance and improve equipment function, energy efficiency, availability, and lifespan. Examples of these enhancements are condenser coil cleaning, vibration analysis for critical components, and controls maintenance.

EMCOR is serious about being “green” and we are committed to saving energy and reducing energy costs for our clients.

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