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EMCOR is serious about being "green" and we are committed to saving energy and reducing energy costs for our clients.



MAKE IT EASY — Use Forms/Templates
Using forms for your space requirements and basis of operations will prevent things from getting complicated.


Follow a Function-First
Approach to Energy Reduction

Although energy costs continue to be a major element of facility management, it can't be at the expense of proper building function. Following the same approach to ensuring proper building function can lead to the 10%–15% energy savings we see through optimization of schedules and set-points.

Step 1:

Identify the spaces that have a unique use via different hours of occupancy, space conditions, or activity requirements.

Step 2:

For each space, identify:

The number of operational scenarios – most will have 2 – occupied and unoccupied;

The requirements for each space scenario.

Step 3:

Adjust the schedules and set points of your lighting and HVAC systems to match the space requirements defined above.

We can help identify these areas of improvement to result in lower energy costs. Contact us today.


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