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EMCOR is serious about being "green" and we are committed to saving energy and reducing energy costs for our clients.



What "New Technology"
is Right for You?

These days, there is no shortage of "new" and "innovative" technologies reporting the potential for significant energy savings. In lieu of just "picking one" (or not proceeding with any), following these tips can help you decide:


Avoid "black-boxes" - If someone is either unwilling or unable to explain the operating principles in a way that makes sense, move on.


Keep it simple - Achieving the best balance between function and performance can be hard, but ask yourself, "Will it be operating the same on day 1,000 as it was on day 1?"


Let someone else be the "first" - Ask for specific examples of where this product/service has worked well for others.


Start Small - Start with a pilot program: either a single piece of equipment, system, or part of a building. Then you can deploy elsewhere when you see positive results.

If you still have questions, we can help.


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