5 key replacement factors to help improve equipment function. | Online Version
5 Considerations
When Replacing HVAC Equipment
Don’t wait until HVAC equipment fails to replace it. Here are
5 key replacement factors to help improve equipment function,
reduce budget uncertainties, and save up to 30% or more in
energy costs.
1. Capacity: Older equipment is often oversized. “Right-sizing” leads to more efficient operation, and reducing unit capacity also reduces the cost of the project.
2. Energy Efficiency: Unit efficiencies vary widely, so be sure you know what you're paying for. You'll save at least 30% on HVAC, but could save 60% or more for a reasonable premium.
3. Controls & Communication: Evaluate the proposed controls, a big opportunity to effect function, efficiency, and even remotely monitor and track the system’s effectiveness.
4. Options & Accessories: Whether for improved maintainability, enhanced function, or higher levels of efficiency, consider available “add-ons” of replacement units. They often lead to long-term savings.
5. Extended Warranties: Reduced risk and improved budget certainty could make the purchase of extended warranties a good investment.
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