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EMCOR Services NY/NJ
Energy Efficiency Practices
Think Your Energy Costs are Too High? We'll Help You Find Out.
First, determine your facility's energy usage compared to buildings of similar size and operating requirements—this allows you to make an effective plan to cut costs.
One of the most useful tools for evaluating
a commercial building's energy performance
is the ENERGY STAR Program by the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
As an ENERGY STAR Partner, we can assess your building and determine if you are spending too much on energy—and why—then provide potential energy-saving solutions.
Our solutions can potentially cut utility costs by up to 30 percent, often using no- or low-cost practices!
Ready to cut costs and save energy? Contact us today.
Energy represents the single largest and most controllable operating expense for commercial buildings, typically a third of variable expenses. | Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)
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