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Energy Efficiency
An Action Plan for Consistent Energy Savings
The key to achieving energy reduction is to develop a long-term energy reduction plan
that will help produce continual savings.
The process below coupled with these tips
and pointers can produce consistent cost
reductions in virtually any facility!
Assess Performance/Set Goals | Create Action Plan | Implement Action Plan | Evaluate Progress | Recognize Achievements
Energy/utility spend is typically 30-40% of a
building's annual operating costs (three-fourths of which is for HVAC/lighting.)
Small investments in quality maintenance can consistently reduce energy and future repair costs.
Simply ensuring that operating schedules and set-points are maintained can produce up to 15% savings.
New HVAC equipment can be 30-50% more efficient than what is currently in place.
Lighting retrofits can reduce lighting energy by as much as 70%.
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reduction plan.
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